Are there scorpions in SC?

Are there scorpions in SC?

Yes, we do: the Southern Unstriped Scorpion (Carolinianus) can be found around the state; and the Striped Southern Scorpion can be found on the coastal plane.

Does it ever get cold in South Carolina?

South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers throughout most of the State. Mild winters predominate in the eastern and southern part of the state, but cool to occasionally cold winters are the standard in the northwestern area of the state, especially areas at or above 600 feet in elevation.

Are there sharks in South Carolina?

Bull sharks are in South Carolina between March and October, but peak season is between July and August, Michalove said. Michalove said bull sharks have been unusually abundant in Lowcountry waters this year. “This is the first year I've caught more bull sharks than tiger sharks,” Michalove said.

Is South Carolina a good place to live?

South Carolina is a good state to live in or retire to because its climate is mild, and the state is, overall, affordable. A survey by Retirement Living has ranked South Carolina as the #4 best state to retire to. South Carolina has a lower cost of living and some beautiful beaches that are warm practically year-round.

What is the best paying job in SC?

Detailed List Of Highest Paying Jobs In South Carolina
RankJob TitleAverage Salary
2Obstetricians And Gynecologists$266,840
4General Internal Medicine Physicians$248,760