What's the brown stuff in crawfish?

What's the brown stuff in crawfish?

That mysterious blob is actually the crawfish's hepatopancreas, which according to the Louisiana State University Agricultural Service, functions somewhat like the human liver, filtering out toxins and other substances that could potentially harm the crawfish.

Where do crawfish go in summer?

The Louisiana crawfish off-season, sometimes called the dry season, usually begins in mid-summer (though there are years it can last longer) and runs into spring. During that time, the crawfish will burrow into the mud, sometimes as deep as 10 feet, to find a place to keep cool while they breed and grow.

At what temperature do crayfish become active?

approximately 50 degrees

What time of day are crawfish most active?

Crawfish are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night, especially in warmer waters or during the summer months. Therefore, many people will set out to catch crawfish at dusk or will leave traps in the water overnight and collect them in the morning.

How rare is a blue crawfish?

Blue lobsters are rare. Estimates by the University of Maine Lobster Institute put the likelihood of catching a blue lobster as one in 200 million.

Are my crayfish mating or fighting?

Urine typically has an aggressive meaning for crayfish. Males release it when they battle each other, and so do females. During courtship, the difference is that males are drawn to female urine and they stop releasing their own.

Can you keep male and female crayfish together?

Feeder Fish I think a male and a female would certainly do better than two males seeing how aggersive crayfish are. however, from what I have noticed with having two crayfish in my tank, which both are males, as long as they have their own area they can claim, they are fine.

Can you keep 2 male crayfish together?

Crayfish, in order to live together, need a minimum of 55 gallons. The problem is, crayfish need their own territory and will fight other crayfish if they feel threatened. You may be able to add some fast, top water fish like danios. However I would not advise another crayfish.