Can a license plate have 8 letters?

Can a license plate have 8 letters?

Regular-issue license plates for passenger vehicles typically have 5-7 characters, with specialty or vanity plates having up to 8 characters in some states.

Which states have yellow plates?


What state has the ugliest license plate?

New Jersey's goldfinch-hued license plates were ranked only the 39th most attractive among the 50 states and District of Columbia in a survey by Delware's plates were deemed the ugliest and Wyoming's the most attractive.

What state has the coolest license plate?

License Plate Power Rankings: The Final List

  1. Wyoming. And, as you probably guessed, Wyoming is our champion.
  2. North Dakota. A hearty congratulations to our runner-up. ...
  3. Alaska. No other state's plate fits the state as well as Alaska's fits it. ...
  4. Vermont. A titan in the industry.
  5. Idaho. ...
  6. South Dakota. ...
  7. North Carolina. ...
  8. West Virginia. ...

What state has the most specialty license plates?


What states only require one license plate?

The “Rugged Nineteen” states that require only one plate include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico. North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

What state has an orange license plate?


What states have specialty plates?

A-C | D-H | I-L | M | N | O-R | S-U | V-W
StatesNumber of License Plates RequiredNumber of Specialty, Organizational, and Military License Plates

Which states have 6 digit plates?

For example, less-populous states such as Delaware and Rhode Island are able to use six-digit all-numeric serials, while several populous states use seven-character formats of three letters and four numbers, including 1ABC234 in California and ABC-1234 in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, ...

Who has the best license plate?

Top 5 United States license plates

  1. Hawaii. Steph: I'm digging this hard.
  2. Colorado. Alex: My #1 plate. ...
  3. Delaware. Doug: Speaking of stalwart style, Delaware has been using this classic since I was born (1970). ...
  4. Vermont. Ken: Simple and easy to read. Susan: One word: Bernie. ...
  5. Texas. Steph: Don't ask. I don't even know. ...

What is the difference between vanity and personalized plates?

Outside of this specific differentiation, the terms personalized license plates, custom car tags, and vanity plates are mostly interchangeable. Vanity plates may apply to purely decorative license plates more frequently, but the term still applies to official tags.

Can you lookup a California license plate?

You can either lookup by license plate or by VIN. For vehicles registered in the state of California, you can run a free California license plate lookup to get everything you need to know about the vehicle.

How much is a vanity plate in MA?

Fee: The fee for a personalized license plate in Massachusetts is $50 in addition to the regular renewal fee. RFor more information, visit the Massachusetts Vanity License Plate Requirements Page.

Do you need a front license plate in Ma 2020?

* Massachusetts requires at least one license plate, and it can be on the front or the rear of the vehicle, leaving it up to the driver. Massachusetts requires two plates unless you have a special exemption (usually the old style green plates). Yes, and if you only have one plate in Mass it must be on the back.

What does RT mean on a Massachusetts license plate?

The current 12 specialty plates are: RT -- RIGHT whale -- Mass.

Who has Massachusetts license plate 1?

Frederick Tudor was the first man to get a plate, rewarding him with the elusive plate number one, which his family still has today, according to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Why are they called vanity plates?

Often funny, sometimes witty and occasionally naughty – they're called vanity plates for a reason. They can display one's philosophy, team affiliation, business, hobby, generosity or kiss off to the world – all in seven letters. There are 86,700 of them in the state, with more than 10,500 in Pierce County.

What is plate type in MA?

PAN - Passenger: Normal. PAR - Passenger: Reserved. PAS - Passenger: Specialty (Antique, Veteran, Environmental, Sports, Spay & Neuter, Breast Cancer, United We Stand, etc.) PAV - Passenger: Vanity.

How do I get a vanity plate in MA?

How to request

  1. In person. Bring your completed application and payment for the required fee to an RMV Service Center. ...
  2. By mail. Mail your completed application and check or money order payable to MassDOT to: ...
  3. Online. The quickest and easiest way to order a vanity plate is online.

How much does it cost to register your vehicle in Massachusetts?

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DMV or State Fees
Car sales tax & use tax6.

Why is the RMV not accepting vanity plates?

Official DMV policy rejects “any personalized license plate configuration that [carries] connotations offensive to good taste and decency.” Broadly, this covers anything with sexual, racial, or profane meaning—even if it's unintentional.

How much is a vanity plate in NH?

The cost is your town/city and state registration fees, plus $40.

What does Ch mean on a NH license plate?


How much are 20 day plates in NH?

20-day in-transit registrations are available through drop box services or an appointment at some DMV locations. Please visit our Appointments and Services page for additional information. The fee is $10.

How many letters can you have on a NH license plate?

7 characters