Is there a place for us song?

Is there a place for us song?

"Somewhere", sometimes referred to as "Somewhere (There's a Place for Us)" or simply "There's a Place for Us", is a song from the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story that was made into a film in 1961....Phil Collins version.
Chart (1996)Peak position
US Adult Contemporary (Billboard)7

Who wrote somewhere theres a place for us?

Leonard Bernstein

Who sung theres a place for us?

Barbra Streisand

What is the message of the song somewhere?

Explanation: This song defines such a belief in love, illustrating how special Tony and Maria's love is for each other; against everything that has happened to them, all the forces that have tried to tear them apart, they still believe that 'somewhere' there is a place for them.

Who originally sang Somewhere only we know?


What year did the song Somewhere only we know come out?


What album is somewhere only we know on?

iTunes Live From London

When was somewhere only we know Released Lily Allen?


Is Somewhere only we know in a movie?

Its revival was prompted by a cover of the song by Lily Allen for retailer John Lewis' Christmas commercial as well as the release of Keane's retrospective, Direct Hits. This was used in the movies He's Just Not That Into You (2009) and LOL (2012).

What key is somewhere only we know?

A major

What is a ESUS chord?

Sus4 (or just sus) stands for „suspended 4th“. The 3rd of a major or a minor chord is suspended and replaced by a perfect 4th. The sus2 chord on your lead sheet may just be meant as an add9 chord without the 3rd being played. ...

When you try your best but you don't succeed chords?

[Intro] C Em Am7 G x2 [Verse 1] C Em Am7 G When you try your best but you don't succeed, C Em Am7 G When you get what you want, but not what you need, C Em Am7 G When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep, C Em Am7 G Stuck in reverse.

What key is fix you in?

E-flat major

Where Do Broken Hearts Go original key?

This song is played in D major Relative Minor You can also play this song in B minor. Just be sure to emphasize the minor key more when you use it. Other than that, the same notes and chords apply.