How often should cows be wormed?

How often should cows be wormed?

In areas where cattle are dewormed, it is recommended to treat cattle one or two times a year and calves at weaning. It has now been determined that if nursing calves are also dewormed they will have an increased weaning weight. Treating cows regularly for parasites will increase milk production.

What is the best wormer for cattle?


When should you vaccinate for blackleg in cattle?

Up until 3 to 4 months of age, calves are protected if they absorbed adequate colostrum from their dams within a few hours after birth. However, when they are 3 to 4 months old, they become susceptible to the disease, so all calves should be vaccinated for blackleg by 4 months of age.

What can I plant in pasture for cattle?

Most cattle pastures are a mix of legumes and grasses, but what mix and seeds are best for your cattle? If hay is a concern, Ladino clover (white) or red clover are good choices. Alfalfa is also a good choice if hay is your key concern.

What to plant for cattle grazing?

Winter legumes such as crimson clover, hairy vetch, and winter peas can provide high quality forage for grazing. Legumes provide the additional benefit of nitrogen fixation. Brassicas, such as turnips, are high quality, deep rooted and grow in dry conditions.

Is Timothy Hay good for cattle?

Timothy hay is recommended by many experts due to its ease on various animal's digestive system as well as promotion of bowel regularity. Additionally, there have been scientific studies done that show Timothy hay is an ideal feed for pregnant or lactating cows.