How much is a tonne of sugarcane worth?

How much is a tonne of sugarcane worth?

It must be understood that cane is unlike cattle, milk or grain - milk is worth $500 a tonne, cattle are worth $700 a tonne, grain is worth $200 a tonne. But cane, in sharp contrast, is worth only $37 a tonne.

What is the best sugarcane?

'Louisiana Ribbon,' 'Louisiana Striped,' and 'Green German' are good varieties for making syrup. The vast majority of sugarcane available is for commercial use.

How long does sugarcane take to mature?

In Kenya, the planted sugarcane crop is ready for harvest at the age of 14 (coast) - 22 months (higher altitudes) and the ratoon crop at the age of 12 (coast) - 18 (higher altitude) months. Cut the cane as near o the ground as possible as the butt is the sugar-richest portion.

How much is a ton of sugarcane worth in Kenya?

An interim Sugarcane Pricing Committee constituted by the Ministry of Agriculture has approved an increase in the price of cane from the current Sh3, 700 per tonne to Sh4, 040 per tonne effective April 1, 2021 in line with the industry cane pricing formula.

Is selling sugarcane juice profitable?

This business thrives in places with warm temperature as people seek to restore energy and quench thirst. Initially, the idea might sound petty, but a planned and well-run sugarcane juice business can be a major profit earning venture in Kenya and Africa in general.

How do sugarcane grow in Kenya?

PLANTING MATERIALS The crop is mainly propagated vegetatively by the use of cane setts/ cuttings, bud chips. The cuttings can be planted directly to the main seed bed, the buds are raised on a nursery at a spacing of 15cm by 10cm prior to transplanting to the main field.

How is sugarcane planted?

Sugarcane is propagated primarily by the planting of cuttings. The sections of the stalk of immature cane used for planting are known as seed cane, or cane sets, and have two or more buds (eyes), usually three. Seed cane is planted in well-worked fields. ... The plant crop is obtained from these stools.

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