Is hay more expensive in winter?

Is hay more expensive in winter?

Winter Hay Substitution Comes at a Cost That equates to 900 pounds of forage monthly, roughly equivalent to the weight of the average bale of hay. This does not include hay wasted in storage or during feeding. Thus, four to five bales of hay could be required per cow for the winter feeding period.

Is growing alfalfa profitable?

Increased profits from alfalfa—Top dairymen know alfalfa is their most profitable crop. The high yield of high quality forage results in the greatest milk or meat production per acre of any forage. Alfalfa is cost competitive with corn silage on a dry mat- ter basis.

How hard is it to grow alfalfa?

Alfalfa is a cool-season perennial commonly grown for feeding livestock or as a cover crop and soil conditioner. ... Alfalfa's extensive root system nourishes both plants and soil. The alfalfa plant has been cultivated for generations and growing alfalfa in your garden is easy.

Will alfalfa reseed itself?

Alfalfa is a crop that naturally tends to lessen its density over time because alfalfa doesn't reseed itself. Planting more alfalfa into current alfalfa fields is not recommended since alfalfa has autotoxicity characteristics. A good population/density is about 35 well-growing stems per square foot.

Does alfalfa kill other plants?

Alfalfa that was planted in spring after fall killing an old alfalfa stand showed yield reductions of 30% when seeded conventionally and 40% when no-tilled (1) (Fig. 1). The age of the existing alfalfa stand will affect autotoxicity. Younger plants (those one year old or less) contain less toxin than older plants.

How often do you have to reseed alfalfa?

1. For least risk, wait at least one year before reseeding alfalfa into a field previously in alfalfa. 2. At a minimum, do not reseed alfalfa into a previous alfalfa field until at least two weeks after destroying the previous alfalfa stand using tillage.

What state grows the most alfalfa?


Does hay need alot water?

Amount of water to apply: On the average, irrigated alfalfa will use approximately 4 to 5 inches of water for every ton of hay produced. ... By early June, this can increase to 1.

Why does alfalfa use so much water?

Water use is high in alfalfa because it has a long growing season, a deep root system, and a dense canopy of vegetation. The amount of water needed for alfalfa production is a function of temperature, wind, humidity, and the amount and intensity of light.

What is the best fertilizer for alfalfa?

nitrogen fertilizer

How long will deer eat alfalfa?

They will eat it pretty much all year long but prefer it when it is green and tender. does anyone know when harvest time is in the fall? It's variable, depending on the weather, but we probably won't cut hay again for another week or two.

Is it bad to feed deer alfalfa in the winter?

“The worst thing we can do for deer in a tough winter is shock their system by providing a new food, particularly a high-energy food such as corn or high-protein food such as alfalfa hay that they are not used to,” said Kip. “In most cases, it ends up being worse for the deer than if they had not been fed.