How many cows can one bale of hay feed?

How many cows can one bale of hay feed?

Thirty-six pounds of hay is close to one small square bale of hay per day, taking into consideration some waste. Conversely, feeding one large round bale of hay, to two or three steers or cows will last a few weeks.

How much meal should a calf get?

The role of solid feed and water in rumen development: Calves should be eating 0.

How often should you bottle feed a calf?

Feeding Schedule Most calves need only need 2–3 bottles a day. You won't have to worry about middle-of-the-night feedings or early-morning waking; bottle calves eat during the day and sleep at night. It is a pretty simple process: Feed a bottle 2–3 times a day.

Is Cracked corn good for calves?

Corn is included in cattle diets to increase the energy concentration of the diet. ... Corn can be fed whole with excellent results, but cracking or rolling it will increase digestibility by 5-10%. Although this improvement in digestibility can be important, it may not be enough to pay for the cost of processing the grain.

What feed is good for calves?

(opens in new window)Feeds It takes about 1.

When should you band a bull calf?

between 1 to 3 months

Is it better to band or cut bull calves?

The advantage of banding larger calves in a feedlot is there are no open wound, though there are challenges. “Banding creates an area of the body with no blood supply, which tetanus loves, so it's critical that cattle receive a tetanus shot when banding — even when using an elastrator band on small calves.

How long does it take for a banded calves balls to fall off?

10-50 days

Does banding a calf hurt?

Castration Method Generally, surgical castration elicits the most acute pain and least chronic pain. Conversely, banding normally causes the least acute pain (measured by cortisol response), but is associated with the longest duration of chronic pain.

When should you tag a calf?

We usually tag & tattoo when 1-3 days old, sometimes get a little behind and it may be a few days later. We have all registered stock so need sure-proof identification, and easier to handle them at that age.