Why does Louise wear bunny ears?

Why does Louise wear bunny ears?

According to Creator Loren Bouchard in an interview with The AV Club, Louise's signature rabbit ears are based off a character from the anime Tekkonkinkreet, claiming "You get a little cognitive dissonance where you experience Louise both as a little girl and Bugs Bunny at the same time."

Why is Millie obsessed with Louise?

Millie is possibly the only person Louise is afraid of. For some unknown reason, she is obsessed with being Louise's best friend, and Louise in general; she tends to harass and follow her without Louise knowing. She loves Louise possibly more than anyone else despite Louise's hostility towards her.

Is Bob's Burgers Cancelled?

Bob's Burgers has been renewed through season 13. Season 11 will debut Septem.

Are Millie and Louise still friends?

She was once one of Millie Mackintosh's most loyal friends. ... And though the duo may not be so close anymore, Louise still had her own opinions on Millie's actions, admitting: 'I think it's very quick for her to move on after her marriage falling apart. '

Are the Belchers poor?

The Belchers on Bob's Burgers are many things—perverse, hilarious, given to anthropomorphizing uncooked meat and writing incredibly obscure food puns—but one of the things that defines them is that they're poor.

Are the Belchers white?

Loren Bouchard describes their ethnicity as, "For better, for worse we gave [the main characters] the name Belcher so at least one of Bob's parents hails from some French or French-Canadian lineage. But in a perfect world, we'd have the show about a sort of Greek-Armenian-Italian-Jewish-German polyglot."

Will Bob Belcher ever be successful?

From its inception, Bob's Burgers has been about Bob's mission to make his restaurant a profitable one. Unfortunately, he has terrible luck and while he is a great cook, he is not a great business man. ... According to the fan, the restaurant only has around 568 customers each month.

What city do the Belchers live in?

San Francisco

Is gene from Bob's Burgers a girl?

Eugene "Gene" Belcher is the middle child of Bob and Linda Belcher and one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Tina) of Bob's Burgers. He is the only boy out of the three siblings.

Is Bob's Burgers about cannibals?

Background. The plot of "Human Flesh" is based on the original premise for Bob's Burgers, in which the Belchers were a family of cannibals who actually did make their burgers from human flesh. This idea was eventually scrapped, and the overall tone and direction of the show changed.

Is Bob's Burgers based on a real family?

Since then, the show ― based on the lives of the Belchers (Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise) ― has amassed a devoted following, one especially prone to spreading intricate fan theories across. ... “Bob's Burgers” isn't a sci-fi or fantasy show.

Who is Linda's favorite child?


Is Louise a sociopath?

Sure, Tina is socially awkward, Gene is weird and pungent, and Louise is a sociopath, but they're all Belchers, and that comes before pretty much everything else in their lives.

Why are the Belchers poor?

On Bob's Burgers, everything is always about how poor the family is (or how awesome Louise is). They never have enough rent, or it always ends up getting spent or stolen.

Does Bob's Burgers sell beer?

Even though Bob's Burgers appears to have a liquor license (they offer beer on the menu), they can't sell Teddy's beer because he doesn't have a manufacturing license. Without the license to manufacture alcohol, you can't sell or distribute your alcohol outside the home.

How much does Teddy spend at Bob's Burgers?

The Entire Menu Has Been Displayed. The most expensive item at Bob's Burgers is always the daily special, which is $5.

How poor is Bob from Bob's Burgers?

He's as poor as a lower middle class. He is a husband and father of 3. He lives above his place of business and uses the income from the restaurant to pay for normal things. He has 2 regular customers and the only ones who get paid are Bob and Linda.

What happened to Bob Belchers mom?

His mother died when he was a child, they used to make gingerbread houses together. Bob and Linda's wedding anniversary is Septem which is the same day Loren Bouchard and his wife got married.

Is Bob a good cook?

He's A Damn Good Cook Not anyone can own their own mildly successful burger joint. Bob does make great damn burgers according to the show and cooking is in Bob's blood. Bob's father owns a restaurant, so the Belcher family has always eaten well.

Is Bob the step dad in Bob's Burgers?

But the worlds of the two shows did collide a few weeks ago in the terrific opening sequence to the “Archer” season four premiere, which started with Archer, suffering from amnesia, having taken up with Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise under the name “Bob,” working the grill and acting as a stepdad.

What's wrong with Bob Belcher?

Bob opened the burger restaurant after suffering a psychotic breakdown due to the death of his wife, Linda, which he feels responsible for. The children died in the subsequent accidents causing the restaurant relaunches.

Are Tina and Jimmy Jr dating?

Personality. Jimmy Junior is Tina's main love interest, although Tina herself calls their relationship "on-again-off-again" in "Ain't Miss Debatin'".

Does Jimmy Pesto have a wife?

In some episodes, his name is just credited as "Jimmy" on the end credits. In "Ex MachTina", Jimmy, Jr. sings, "My mom's new friend Allen, he's okay," which again implies that Jimmy Pesto is divorced and his wife has moved on and is dating a man named Allen.

Is Jimmy Jr in love with Zeke?

Jimmy Pesto, Jr He loves wrestling with him, as they are seen wrestling each other in multiple episodes, though Zeke is known for almost always having the upper hand.

What is wrong with Gayle on Bob's Burgers?

In “Dr. Yap”, we find out Gayle loves every guy Linda does and tries to steal him away…even Bob. Her mental illness does end up being the cause of some of her failed relationships. However, most of it comes from her extreme clinginess and paranoia.

Why does Bob Hate Jimmy Pesto?

Bob's kids love him and want to spend time with him, Bob is happily married, Bob is comfortable in his own skin even though he's chubby and has stains all over his shirt. Jimmy sees all this and doesn't understand why he still feels personally unfulfilled, and it drives him crazy. That's why Jimmy hates Bob.