How much horsepower do I need for 2 bottom plow?

How much horsepower do I need for 2 bottom plow?


Do farmers plow after every harvest?

There most definitely is a periodic plowing on/off option in the game settings... That's because of the wording from fs17. Periodic plowing meant after every 3rd harvest no matter of the crop. 1280 acre farm, 3300 hogs, 200 cattle, and xbox one user and pc user.

Is it better to till in fall or spring?

The decision to till in the fall or spring will be dictated by many factors that are not easy to control. ... If tillage is necessary, fall tillage is a better option because soil moisture is generally below field capacity; there is less potential for soil compaction; and soil temperature is suitable.

Why are fertilizers not good for soil?

BECAUSE CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS CAUSES WATER POLLUTION AND DOES NOT HELPS IN THE GROWTH OF MICROBES AND MANURE. IT IS ALSO NOT GOOD FOR PLANTS AND THE PEOPLE WHO EAT THIS . their excess use causes imbalance of nutrients in soil. Their excess use will affect the growth of the plants.

What does disking a field do?

Disking is a soil preparation practice that usually follows the plowing, whether it was deep or shallow soil tillage. Plowing cuts, granulates, and inverts the soil, creating furrows and ridges. Additionally, disking breaks up clods and surface crusts, thereby improving soil granulation and surface uniformity.