Why are soybeans planted after corn?

Why are soybeans planted after corn?

Soybeans are traditionally planted after corn nationwide, primarily because of risk. Corn costs more to plant and needs time to take advantage of higher-yielding, long-season hybrids. Soybeans are more forgiving than corn and have a better chance to produce a crop if planted well into June or July.

How many soybeans should you plant per acre?

To maximize yields in most environments growers should have no less than 100,000 uniformly standing plants per acre in 7.

Do soybeans need potash?

Soybeans require potash and plenty of it and remove more than corn. A 200-bushel corn crop will remove 50 lbs. of potassium per acre, while an equivalent 70-bushel bean crop will remove 84 lbs. ... No-till and minimum tillage methods, as well as compaction, can limit root growth and access to potassium.

Do deer eat soybeans in the winter?

Yes, deer eat soy beans as long as they can. Even in January when the beans are cold and hard. ... That is why some think deer won't eat soybeans when they turn yellow, but it is only because of the deer having acorns to eat at this time.

Do Whitetails like soybeans?

Deer really like soybeans. Don't expect to be able to plant a couple 1-acre fields and produce abundant forage all summer and have standing beans to hunt over during winter. ... Resistance to grazing pressure in the early stages of plant growth is a real limitation for soybeans.