Who waited the longest in the Bible?

Who waited the longest in the Bible?

Having died at the age of 969, he lived the longest of all human figures mentioned in the Bible....
Stained glass window of Methuselah from the southwest transept of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England
Known forExceptionally long life

What is a better word for waiting?

What is another word for waiting?

What is a strong adjective for waiting?

watchful, long, weary, more, endless, silent, passive, busy, quiet, impatient, patient, anxious, ladyin, interminable, lady, tedious, fruitless, expectant, ladiesin, mere, idle, call, lord, painful, dreary, hopeless, nervous, active, government, ready, constant, eternal, outside, hopeful, cold, restless, breathless, ...

What is another word for waiting a long time?

What is another word for long wait?
long haulinterminability
hard laborhard way
hard worklong distance
uphill worklong period of time

Whats the opposite of waiting?

Antonyms: abandon, avoid, depart, forfeit, forfend, journey, migrate, move, proceed, reject, resist, shun. Synonyms: abide, anticipate, await, bear, bide, confront, continue, dwell, endure, expect, inhabit, live, lodge, remain, reside, rest, sojourn, stay, stop, tarry, tolerate, watch.

What is the antonyms of wet?

wet(adjective) Antonyms: dry. Synonyms: saturated, damp, soaked.

What is the opposite of wet?

What is the opposite of wet?

Is weight the opposite of wait?

The words wait and weight are homophones: they sound alike but have different meanings. The verb wait means to stay in place until something else happens. ... The verb weight means to load down or make heavier. The noun weight refers to a measure of heaviness or to an object used to hold something down.

What's another word for not waiting?

What is another word for can't wait?
look forward tocovet
expecthanker after
hanker forpine after

How do you spell wait as in heavy?

Wait or Weight?

  1. "A wait" is a delay before an event. For example:
  2. "To wait" means to endure a delay. For example:
  3. "A weight" is a heavy object for holding things down. For example:
  4. "Weight" means heaviness. For example:
  5. "To weight" means to anchor something down with a heavy object. For example:

What is the opposite of weight?

weight. Antonyms: lightness, levity, portableness, alleviation, unimportance, insignificance, weakness, inefficacy, unimpressiveness, triviality, worthlessness. Synonyms: gravity, ponderosity, heaviness, pressure, burden, importance, power, influence, efficacy, consequence, moment, impressiveness.

What force is opposite of weight?

normal force

What is the opposite of thrust?

Antonyms of THRUST descend, decrease, dissuade, repress, retreat, slide, discouragement, plunge, yield, dive, plummet, halt, bore, drop, increase, decline, dip, nose dive, pull, surrender, stop, sink, discourage, rise, fall.

What is a fancy word for weight?

What is another word for weight?

What is the scientific name for Weight?

Gravitational definition The most common definition of weight found in introductory physics textbooks defines weight as the force exerted on a body by gravity. This is often expressed in the formula W = mg, where W is the weight, m the mass of the object, and g gravitational acceleration.

What is the another word for pound?

Pound Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for pound?
pound sterling£

How do you describe your weight?

noun. the amount or quantity of heaviness or mass; amount a thing weighs. Physics. the force that gravitation exerts upon a body, equal to the mass of the body times the local acceleration of gravity: commonly taken, in a region of constant gravitational acceleration, as a measure of mass.

What are 4 categories that describe a person's weight?

Underweight: A person weighs less than the healthy range for his or her age, gender, and height. Healthy weight: A person's weight is in the healthy range for his or her age, gender, and height. Overweight: A person weighs more than the healthy range for his or her age, gender, and height.

What do you call someone who is not fat or skinny?

Let's take a look at some of the more commonly used words for body shapes. Probably the most commonly used adjective to describe someone who has too little fat is thin. ... Even thinner than 'skinny' is scrawny (also a slightly informal word).

What weight should I be?

Weight and height guide chart
5ft (60″)97 to 123 lbs.128 to 148 lbs.
5ft 1″ (61″)100 to 127 lbs.132 to 153 lbs.
5ft 2″ (62″)104 to 131 lbs.136 to 158 lbs.
5ft 3″ (63″)107 to 135 lbs.141 to 163 lbs.

How much should a female weigh at 5 3?

Height and Weight Chart
5' 2"104 to 135 lbs.136 to 163 lbs.
5' 3"107 to 140 lbs.141 to 168 lbs.
5' 4"110 to 144 lbs.145 to 173 lbs.
5' 5"114 to 149 lbs.150 to 179 lbs.

When should u weigh yourself?

For the most accurate weight, weigh yourself first thing in the morning. “[Weighing yourself in the morning is most effective] because you've had adequate time to digest and process food (your 'overnight fast').

How much should a 5'6 female weigh?

The ideal weight for a 5-foot-6-inch woman is 115 to 154 pounds, according to the BMI table, which equals a BMI between 18.