How much do cotton seeds cost?

How much do cotton seeds cost?

Just for reference, you can buy conventional cotton planting seed for around $90 per 50 pound bag which usually has around 220 to 230K seed in a bag. Even if you plant heavy your per acre cost should still be under $25 per acre.

What does cotton seed hulls do for cattle?

Cottonseed hulls are very low in crude protein, phosphorus and calcium. They are highly palatable to cattle and have been shown to stimulate intake in young cattle fed grain-based diets. ... Cotton- seed hulls should not exceed more than 50 percent of the diet when fed to brood cows.

Is cottonseed good for goats?

The nutritional values and physical characteristics of cottonseed, cottonseed meal and cottonseed hulls make them desirable feeds for cattle sheep and goats. However, all contain gossypol, a naturally occurring toxin produced by the cotton plant.

Can horses eat cottonseed meal?

However, because it is lower in the amino acid lysine, cottonseed meal does not promote the same growth rates in horses as higher quality protein supplements such as soybean meal. Unprocessed cottonseed or cottonseed hulls are not commonly fed to horses.

What is a cotton seed called?

Cotton seeds are the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton seeds are ovoid, 3.