Is there a difference between rye grass and rye grain?

Is there a difference between rye grass and rye grain?

Annual ryegrass is a cool-season grass, while cereal rye is a grain that has growth characteristics much like wheat. Annual ryegrass seed costs slightly less than cereal rye, is much smaller and weighs 26 pounds per bushel. The seed of cereal rye is much larger and weighs 56 pounds per bushel.

Is Rye toxic to corn?

What kind of toxic reaction might occur? A: It's the decaying green “ooze” from cereal rye that can create problems for germinating grasses (like corn), usually not the herbicide used to kill the rye. This toxic effect of the dying rye is what makes it a good cover crop choice for organic producers.

What grass is best for choking out weeds?


Will tall grass choke out weeds?

Abundant, vigorous grass overpowers weeds and denies them the nutrients they need to grow. Not only will proper watering choke out existing weeds, but it will also prevent weeds from growing in the future. See our list of lawn watering tips for advice on keeping your lawn properly quenched.

Is Zoysia sod more expensive than Bermuda?

If the species you want is not common where you live, it might cost more to transport, if it's available at all. The four most common species of grass used for sod are zoysia, Bermuda, St....Pallet Prices for Sod by Type.
TypePrice Range
Zoysia$180 - $270
Bermuda$160 - $385
St. Augustine$160 - $340
Fescue$160 - $295