Can you get diseases from backyard chickens?

Can you get diseases from backyard chickens?

Although keeping backyard poultry can be fun and educational, owners should be aware that poultry can sometimes carry harmful germs that make people sick. These germs can cause a variety of illnesses in people, ranging from minor skin infections to serious illnesses that could cause death.

Are backyard chickens worth it?

Having backyard chickens allows you to bring your family closer to the process of growing and producing their own food. Sure, you can get that through a backyard vegetable garden, but chickens allow your children to see up close and personal the intricacies of food production.

Do you need permission to keep chickens in your back garden?

Chicken coops and runs, may require planning permission if they are bigger than regulations allow. It is unusual for the average sized coop to require planning permission though but you may have to check if you are in any doubt.

Can I kill my neighbors chickens?

Do not shoot the chickens. Do call Animal Control. Do try to work with your neighbors on this, which is likely be a recurring situation. Also, there is a reason for the saying "good fences make good neighbors." Good luck to you.

How can I get my neighbors rooster to shut up?

How to Stop a Neighbor's Rooster From Crowing

  1. First of All – Check Your Local Noise and Zoning Laws.
  2. Talk to Your Neighbor.
  3. File a Complaint With the Authorities.
  4. Escalate the Complaint.
  5. Hand It Over to a Court Judgement.
  6. Wrapping Up.