What river runs past Carthage?

What river runs past Carthage?

This part three of the Our Cumberland River Basin series covers the region that drains to the Cumberland River between Carthage and the Harpeth River's confluence with the Cumberland just northwest of Ashland City.

What elevation is Scott County TN?

Scott County's highest elevation is 953 meters (3,127 feet) which ranks it 22nd in terms of highest elevations when compared to a total of 95 counties in Tennessee.

What is considered Scott County?

As of the 2010 census, the population was 129,928. Its county seat is Shakopee. Shakopee is also the largest city in Scott County, the twenty-third-largest city in Minnesota, and the sixteenth-largest Twin Cities suburb....Scott County, Minnesota.
Scott County
CountryUnited States
Named forWinfield Scott

What is the highest elevation in Scott County Tennessee?

3,250 feet

What was the number one killer during the Civil War?

The major cause of death during the Civil War was disease. Dysentery accounted for around 45,000 deaths in the Union army and around 50,000 deaths in the Confederate army.