What is the best herbicide to kill creeping Charlie?

What is the best herbicide to kill creeping Charlie?


How can you tell a creeping Charlie?

Creeping Charlie is defined by the following traits:

  1. Grows low to the ground.
  2. Bright green leaves.
  3. Leaves are round or kidney shaped with scalloped edges.
  4. Leaves grow opposite each other on a stem, and attach to the stem at the leaf node.
  5. In the spring, blueish-purple funnel shaped flowers grow along the stem.

How do you get rid of creeping Charlie without killing grass?

Use a special broadleaf herbicide containing either tricolpyr or dicamba on Creeping Charlie that has taken over your lawn—these chemicals will kill Creeping Charlie without harming your grass.

What does Creeping Jenny look like?

A fast-growing and vigorous groundcover, Creeping Jenny (also known as moneywort) brings mats of low-lying chartreuse color to gardens and containers. Native to Europe but naturalized to Eastern North America, its rounded golden leaves form on trailing stems with small, bright yellow flowers appearing in the summer.

What is the best ground cover for Florida?

16 Perfect Florida Ground Cover Plants

  • Asiatic Jasmine (Jasmine minima) This is a low-maintenance ground cover that is easy to care for. ...
  • Baby Sun Rose. ...
  • Beach Sunflower. ...
  • Coral Creeper. ...
  • Creeping Fig (Ficus repens) ...
  • Dwarf Chenille.
  • Dwarf Oyster Plant. ...
  • Golden Pothos.

What is a good ground cover for South Florida?

Some of the most adaptable groundcovers are native Florida plants, like the beach sunflower, some ferns, and railroad vine. Other attractive groundcovers include English ivy and Asiatic jasmine. Make sure you choose the right groundcover for your area and landscape.