What is an information agency?

What is an information agency?

Information agencies is an agencies that specialized on information work, collecting, storing, procession, managing, preserving, creating and disseminating information to enable future generation to gain enormous benefits and values for various means and purpose.

What are the qualities of a good extension worker?

Successful extension agents need several specific qualities. You need excellent public speaking skills, and you should be comfortable working with large groups of people. You must understand agricultural education practices, family and consumer science, and have a knack for writing and building presentations.

What are the four main elements of extension?

If statements such as those above are examined more carefully, and if the current ideas and practice of extension are considered, four main elements can be identified within the process of extension: knowledge and skills, technical advice and information, farmers' organization, and motivation and self-confidence.

What are the importance of communication in extension?

They must have good communication, problem-solving and listening skills. Extension workers must also be able to manage and train their staff, and they need skills to manage the day-to-day operations of their office. The purpose of communication is to get your message across to others.

What is extension technique?

The 'extension technique' is an effective and safe procedure which is based on same principal as brachio-cephalic fistula formation. ... In addition, with this technique, both cephalic and basilic veins mature at the same time and can be used as an access for haemodialysis.

What is home visit method of extension?

Farm and Home Visit is a direct, face –to – face contact by the extension agent with the farmer or homemaker at their farm or home for extension work.

What is the best extension method?

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How do you write an extension method?

To define an extension method, first of all, define a static class. For example, we have created an IntExtensions class under the ExtensionMethods namespace in the following example. The IntExtensions class will contain all the extension methods applicable to int data type.

Why extension teaching is horizontal?

Teaching is mostly horizontal in the sense the teacher also learns from the farmers. Extension education is a type of non formal education.

What are the objectives of extension education?

Objectives: To raise the standard of living of the rural people by helping them in right use of their resources. To help in planning and implementing the family and village plans for increasing production in various occupations. To provide facilities for better family living.

What is the difference between education and extension?

Education is usually referring to formal education institutions delivering a planned curriculum leading to a degree or diploma before entering the workforce. Extension is usually referring to planned educational programs designed to meet the needs of people in the workforce.

Is extension formal or informal?


What does extension education mean?

Extension education is an applied social science consisting of relevant content derived from physical, biological and social sciences and in its own process synthesised into a body of knowledge, concepts, principles and procedures oriented to provide non-credit out of school education largely for adults.

Why agricultural extension is important?

Agricultural extension (also known as agricultural advisory services) plays a crucial role in boosting agricultural productivity, increasing food security, improving rural livelihoods, and promoting agriculture as an engine of pro-poor economic growth.

What are the characteristics of agricultural extension?

According to mean scores, the major traits in such extensions are tolerance, effort and progress, and discipline, all of which are observable in successful extensions except that the order of theirs is tolerance, discipline, and effort and progress.

What are the duties of agricultural extension officer?

Providing Extension Services: Facilitate soil testing and recommend the correct use of fertilizer and pesticide doses. Train farmers for keeping records of their crop and assist them in filling Farmer's Diary and Farmer Activity Report.