What was the last hurricane in 2016?

What was the last hurricane in 2016?

Hurricane Nicole became the first major hurricane to directly impact Bermuda since Hurricane Fabian in 2003, leaving widespread but relatively moderate damage on the island....
2016 Atlantic hurricane season
First system formedJanuary 12, 2016
Last system dissipatedNovember 25, 2016
Strongest storm

Was there a hurricane in Florida in 2016?

October 7-8, 2016 - Hurricane Matthew hits Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, leading to record-breaking flooding and millions of power outages. At least 45 US deaths are blamed on Matthew: 25 in North Carolina, 13 in Florida, four in South Carolina and three in Georgia.

Did Katrina hit Florida?

Katrina first made landfall in South Florida. The storm initially formed as a tropical depression southeast of the Bahamas on August 23. By the evening of August 25, when it made landfall north of the Broward-Miami-Dade county line, it had intensified into a category 1 hurricane.

What hurricanes hit Florida this year?

This season, hurricanes will be named the following:

  • Ana. Bill. Claudette. Danny. Elsa. Fred. Grace.
  • Henri. Ida. Julian. Kate. Larry. Mindy. Nicholas.
  • Odette. Peter. Rose. Sam. Teresa. Victor. Wanda.

What are the storm names for 2020 UK?

Met Office UK storm names 2020/21

  • Aiden.
  • Bella.
  • Christoph.
  • Darcy.
  • Evert.
  • Fleur.
  • Gavin.
  • Heulwen.