Can I put too much grass seed down?

Can I put too much grass seed down?

Don't overdo or cut corners. Too much grass seed causes undue competition for resources such as light, water and nutrients, and grass seedlings struggle as a result. Too little seed leaves lawns thin or bare.

Can I put ground coffee in the garden?

Add coffee grounds directly to the soil in your garden. You can scratch it into the top couple inches of soil, or just sprinkle the grounds on top and leave it alone. In smaller amounts, especially when mixed with dry materials, coffee grounds will give up their nitrogen.

What does Epsom salt do for grass?

Epsom salt is an organic compound that is full of beneficial minerals for lawns. Iron in Epsom salt, for example, helps grasses to grow healthy and strong. Meanwhile, the magnesium in Epsom salt balances the PH level in your grasses so that it doesn't become too acidic.

How do I make my lawn green in the spring?

March is also a good time to get that first mowing out of the way. Like raking, mowing will help your lawn's root system get going. For green grass, mowing your lawn shorter in the spring will help reduce any weed growth, and will help your lawn become rich and green in the summer.

When should you rake in spring?

Wait until it has been above zero at night for at least a couple weeks before attacking your grass. It will be strong enough to stand a good raking, and the ground perfect for the benefits of aeration and fertilizing. If your shrubs aren't yet budding, you can certainly prune them.

Does raking your grass help it grow?

Lawn dethatching (also called power raking), when performed as needed, will go a long way in maintaining a healthy, green lawn! Dethatching allows new grass shoots to grow in thick and lush.

Should fallen leaves be left in flower beds?

Yes, leaving fallen leaves to decompose does return valuable nutrients to the soil, provides habitat for lots of important and valuable insect species over winter, and acts as a natural mulch. ... Rule of thumb: if you can't see the plants underneath, the leaves are probably going to cause a problem.

Is it OK to pile leaves around a tree?

So, a very thin layer of leaves will do. ... The remaining leaves can nourish the trees and shrubs. Rake them up and put them around trees and shrubs in 3- to 6-inch deep piles. "Leaves in the forest provide about 50 to 80 percent of the nutrients that trees receive," Hopkins says.

Should I remove last year's mulch?

So, should you remove old mulch? Expert green thumbs contend that getting rid of last year's mulch is completely unnecessary. Mulch gradually breaks down, adding beneficial nutrients and other organic matter to the soil. Removing pre-existing mulch every year only ends up to be extra work and a needless expense.