How long does it take for Slay herbicide to work?

How long does it take for Slay herbicide to work?

Slay®: 1 hour. Arrest®/Vantage: 1 hour. A good adjuvant helps speed herbicide absorption and somewhat protect from wash-off. How soon after planting a perennial mix can Arrest® or Slay® be applied?

Does slay herbicide kill clover?

Purpose- SLAY Herbicide controls broadleaf weeds in clover and alfalfa food plots.

Will Slay kill clover?

Slay can control or suppress many vining weeds in clover or alfalfa. ... The components and mix rates for each herbicide are not the same for all weeds they'll control.

Will Slay herbicide kill chicory?

Both Pursuit and Raptor herbicides can be used to control most broadleaf weeds in clover and alfalfa. However, both herbicides can damage or kill chicory. It's very tough to find a herbicide that will not harm legumes (soybeans, alfalfa, and clover) and not harm chicory because it is not a legume.

What herbicide will not kill chicory?

For grass control Arrest Max is a selective grass herbicide that will control most grasses, without harming clover, alfalfa, chicory or any Whitetail Institute perennial food plot. Spray once grasses are actively growing in the spring or summer.

Will 24DB kill chicory?

24DB will kill chicory so if you have a clover/chicory blend do not spray with Butyrac 200. -Grass Control in Straight Clover Plots or Clover/Chicory Food Plots and Alfalfa.

What herbicide is safe for chicory?

msm turf herbicide

What kills 24DB?

Broadleaf Herbicide that controls weeds in soybeans, peanuts, seedling and established alfalfa, and seedling birdsfoot trefoil. Post-emergent broadleaf weed control in Alfalfa, and select forage legumes in the Deer Food Plot family. Kills most broadleaf weed, see label for specific weeds controlled.

How do you control weeds in chicory?

Beyond tolerance for broadleaf weeds in general growing in clover/chicory, there are several options. For general broadleaf weed control, mowing is a good option. Most broadleaf weeds can be controlled by mowing. For broadleaf weeds only, 24DB (Butyrac) can work on clover but will kill the chicory.

Will 24DB kill oats?

Butyrac 200 (24DB) will work on oats and mixed hay seedings.

Can you mix glyphosate and 24d?

Answer: Mixtures of 2,4-D and glyphosate (in other formulations) have been used successfully for weed control in various systems for many years. Glyphosate + 2,4-D is still the standard herbicide mixture for fallow weed control in many dryland areas.

What herbicide does not kill clover?


Does 24db kill thistle?

Imox will only lightly suppress thistle. You will need to add Basagran if that's what you are targeting.

What does IMOX kill?

Alligare IMOX Herbicide is effective for the control/suppression of common problematic submersed, emergent and floating broadleaf and monocot aquatic vegetation. The degree of control and selectivity can be managed by timing, use rates, and application technique.

Does IMOX kill clover?

IMOX has worked well for me and never killed any of my various types of clover.

Does IMOX kill grass?

Imox controls grass, labeled broadleaf weeds, and has a limited residual effect as well. ... Addition of nitrogen fertilizer (Nitro-Surf) may improve weed control but also increases the likelihood of injury to chicory.

How long does it take for Clethodim to kill grass?

10 to 12 days

What is IMOX?

Imox 500 MG Capsule is a penicillin-type antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. This antibiotic is used to treat different types of bacterial infections of the throat, lungs, ears, nose, urinary tract, and skin. ... Imox 500 MG Capsule can make birth control pills less effective.

Does IMOX need surfactant?

The IMOX oz for your crop(s)and surfactant are based per acre. The local agronomist recommends 20 gallons per acre as IMOX was designed as an aquatic herbicide, "it works better - wetter" much different then Gly or other 'burning' herbicides. ... I used a nonionic surfactant but not a "fertilizer" surfactant.

How do you use IMOX herbicide?

Use foliar broadcast spray, foliar spot spray, injection (hack and squirt), frill and girdle, cut stump, or basal methods of applications. DO NOT apply more than 1 gallon of Alligare IMOX Herbicide per acre per year. Apply as a solution containing up to 5% v/v Alligare IMOX Herbicide spray.

Can you spray Clethodim on brassicas?

The easiest and most effective method of grass control is to use a grass selective post-emergent foliar herbicide. The active ingredients in these types of herbicides are Sethoxydim and Clethodim. ... These herbicides kill grasses but do not harm broadleaf species like clover, soybeans, peas, and brassicas.

What is Nitro surf?

Nitro-Surf™ is a proprietary blend of high quality nitrogen solution fertilizer and non-ionic surfactant. Features and Benefits. Enhances the herbicidal activity of post-emergent herbicides recommended for use with Nitrogen.

Does Butyrac 200 kill clover?

Butyrac 200 Herbicide (2,4DB Herbicide) 1 Gallon Overall Imox is the best choice for grass and broadleaf control in clover, alfalfa and chickory. Broadleaf Herbicide that controls weeds in soybeans, peanuts, seedling and established alfalfa, and seedling birdsfoot trefoil.

What do you spray on brassicas?

Some gardeners swear by half a teaspoon of liquid dish soap diluted in a quart of water and sprayed over plants. Be sure to remove the stumps of brassica vegetables from the ground after harvesting, as aphids can use the material left behind as a safe place to spend the winter.

How much surfactant does a Clethodim need?

Follow the label for mixing instructions, but for most grasses, a 8-16 ounce per acre rate of clethodim with 1% volume nonionic surfactant added will be sufficient to control those pesky food plot grasses. Make note that some surfactants can burn and even kill your broadleaf plantings.