Top questions

  1. Why was the Affordable Care Act passed?
  2. What is the average salary in El Salvador?
  3. Are personal belongings part of an estate?
  4. What cream is best for Intertrigo?
  5. What city in the US gets the least amount of rain?
  6. Is Israel a satellite country?
  7. What are the four main drug actions?
  8. Who are Republican leaders in House?
  9. Can you drift fish from the bank?
  10. Which color purse is lucky?
  11. Why is it so important to read the nutrition facts before eating from a box of cereal?
  12. How long does it take to drive through California north to south?
  13. Is Victoria's Secret Going Out of Business 2021?
  14. Who bombed Downing Street?
  15. When the stock market is going down it is called?
  16. Is Android 17 stronger than Jiren?
  17. Can fingerprint be forged?
  18. Is my heifer in heat?
  19. How do I know if I have a virus?
  20. What is cons example?
  21. What is the most natural lubricant?
  22. What is the Bloomberg WTI Crude Oil Index?
  23. How do you kill daisies without killing grass?
  24. What is the 2015 Clean Water Rule?
  25. What are 10 twins called?
  26. What is brisket called in Argentina?
  27. How do you calculate points?
  28. What is better compost or manure?
  29. Do Uber drivers use their own cars?
  30. Where is the key in Reardon Manor?
  31. Does fenugreek make hair thicker?
  32. Is it OK to cut a horse's mane?
  33. Does Cydectin kill barber pole worms in goats?
  34. Are all Boca Burgers vegan?
  35. How fast does a 2021 Yamaha Grizzly go?
  36. What is the goal of dietary guidelines?
  37. What part of the cow is the udder?
  38. Is Levittown still segregated?
  39. Who recently died from ALS?
  40. How old is Fred Rosser?
  41. Is a cab or uber cheaper in NYC?
  42. How many plants can you have in Sims 3?
  43. What is a 70 10 needle used for?
  44. Which is better OxiClean powder or liquid?
  45. What animal is beautiful but deadly?
  46. What are the disadvantages of having a website?
  47. What is a lucky loonie?
  48. What does a high Treasury rate mean?
  49. When did LawBreakers release?
  50. What is the cheapest town to live in in Missouri?